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Some moms and dads really battle to try to let kids mature and pave their particular means as adults, but vacant nest disorder is not exactly why Rebecca Hayes and David Ward got hilarious
“newborn” photos with the 21-year-old boy
, Clayton.

As Cosmopolitan reports, the couple chosen the
deliberately embarrassing family photographs
for an extremely endearing explanation. Hayes and Ward were
highschool sweethearts, nevertheless they skipped an image shoot
due to their baby man because they split before their delivery. The pair shared a co-parenting relationship but directed individual life before death of their particular partners led them to resume their old relationship. Hayes destroyed the woman spouse in 2013, followed by the death of Ward’s girlfriend in 2015.

Not merely did their reunion enable them to manage their own particular losings, it provided them a second try at romance and the opportunity to use the family photo with regards to “newborn,” who is now a grownup.

Hayes contributed the picture on the Facebook web page, with a similarly entertaining caption to fit.

“Announcing Clayton Denes; Born 12/12/1995; 240lbs 4oz 75 ins very long; satisfied parents Becca and David.”

Duffi Crowson, professional photographer of Chaotic excellence photographer and Hayes’ longtime friend, told Popsugar the freshly connected
few and their daughter
had a lot of enjoyable through the shoot.

“We laughed so very hard when we had been shooting it! Clay and David had been more than willing to participate that is merely a testament from what an incredible household they’re,” she mentioned.

Crowson in addition shared pictures into appreciation What Matters Twitter web page, and we can’t end LOLing at them.

What an amusing, creative way to commemorate newfound love. Congrats towards the lovely pair in addition to their larger-than-usual baby.

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