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Maybe you have configured the google authorship?

I’ve been meaning to handle this one for some now. Google Authorship is now a problem with bloggers recently. It’s some thing we are ready for right here, at metropolitan Dater nicely. This blog post is for the existing members about metropolitan Dater along with anything for the guy bloggers using WordPress to observe.

Saying Bing Authorship

Exactly Why?

Hey man, shag you, alright! Because We told you! Absolutely numerous reasons why you will want to state your Bing Authorship at this time, mang!

  1. Boost your brand name’s authority in Search and Social metrics
  2. With current updates that Bing makes, material creators, article writers an such like. will be the center point. That means YOU, buck-o-roonie!
  3. Grabs interest. If you glance at the display screen limit above, you’ll see mcdougal’s pic close to their own material. Generally, 1st produce a Google search grabs by far the most interest. Not so much anymore. Configuring your Google Authorship enables drive more visitors to your site’s content material.


This crap is really effortless the Caveman of a Grandfather could exercise!

  1. In WordPress, submit the Bing+ Profile URL. It will appear like what I put in the image below.

    In the event that you did that right after that in the event that you ‘view resource’ on one of your content you really need to start to see the following:

  2. Add A Google+ Contributor Hyperlink –

    Yep, you gotta backlink to your internet site at the same time. This can be done by visiting the Bing+ account web page, and modifying the “Contributor To” area.

  3. Test Yo Shit! –

    What good is doing this if you do not inspect to ensure your computer data will be provided correctly? A valuable thing Bing knows this.
    Here is a device they provide
    thus peeps can find out if their particular data is properly configured to show correctly.

So, if you donate to the Urban Dater, definitely submit your own profile info. Everybody else gains!

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