Founded in 2019

Miagi Solution is a company providing outsourcing services and software development solutions (Website/Mobile Application) for businesses in the Japanese market. With 70% young, professional, and enthusiastic human resources in the field of Information Technology, we are proud and confident to bring the best values to customers, gradually contributing to promoting Vietnam's technology industry.

Currently, Miagi Solution has affiliated companies in Japan and Vietnam: Miagi Japan is headquartered in Tokyo (Japan), and Miagi Ho Chi Minh has an office in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). With our associate members, we aim to create a system of affiliate companies under the Miagi brand that operates in the same field, providing optimal technology solutions to customers and partners.

Our Achievements

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Who are we?

More than just an impromptu name, the name “MIAGI” was born with a deeper vision and meaning. "MIAGI" is a compound word of 3 words "MI" - "A" - "GI", in which:

* MIRAI (未来): The meaning is Future

* AND: The meaning is And

* GIJUTSU (技術): The meaning is Technology

By the same name, we want to declare that: Miagi always strives, improves, and develops to provide trend-leading software and information technology services, optimizing quality for users to guide them to a good future.

Our mission

With customers: Always listen and understand the problems that customers face to offer the best solutions and products in line with reality, creating conditions for long-term cooperation and development.

With employees: Create a working environment with equal and sincere treatment among employees in the company, regardless of rank and position. Create a relaxing space to help employees work without feeling constrained. Create opportunities for each individual to learn and develop sustainably


Our company is a versatile IT enterprise specializing in mobile app development, web app development, cloud services, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, etc.

Mobile application development

We are developing various apps with the strength of iOS/Android. Native apps, hybrid apps, web-based apps, etc., are available.

Cloud computing

We provide outstanding benefits from cloud computing to customers, including on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity or expansion, and measured service.

Web development

According to the requirements of each business in all areas, we will propose the appropriate development environment, language, framework, etc., that are more efficient and suitable. Languages: PHP, Java, Python, Ruby.

Internet of Things Application

We provide an IoT operating platform for businesses, including remote control, real-time management, configurable notifications, out-of-the-box cloud services, and integration with smartphones and other consumer devices.

Maintenance and support


We support various activities from design to e-commerce, wholesale/retail, manufacturing, internet business, accommodation/food, medical/welfare, and other service industries.


We support building a sales management system, inventory management system, internal system, and information system. In the core system, it is possible to build it in cooperation with the existing system.

Meet the Talents

Our most stylish homegrown talents on their passions


Doan Dinh Quang



Bui Thanh Tung



Vu Dinh Vinh


sếp nam

Nguyen Giang Nam

CEO (Miagi HCM)

Our Portfolio

Some of the internal products we have deployed


Edtech, Education, Mobile

Human Resource Management

HRM, Management, Web

Clients We Work with

With over 5 years of production experience marked by excellent quality, we take pride in our partnership with major clients.

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